CT Short Sale Experts-we know short sales!!!!!

Perhaps someone you know has gone through the short sale process or someone has referred you to us? Whatever the situation is that you want to know more about short sales, we know our team of experienced associates will have the answers you seek. We will make sure you are fully educated on the process and know all of your options as a homeowner. If at any time you have any questions about short sales, the short sale process, and or foreclosure please do not hesitate to contact us.

My mission is to help you avoid foreclosure, sell your home quickly and negotiate a short payoff with your bank in as little amount of time as possible. We have been very successful at doing this with hundreds of homeowners all over the State of CT because of the expertise of the team we have assembled. We specialize in the field of short sales and have built a team that will give you confidence in knowing you have come to the right place and made the right decision.

To most, short sales are something that is very new. You may not have heard of a short sale until now, if so you are not alone. Most banks didn’t even consider short sales as an option until a few short years ago. This is because when the real estate market was booming, banks did not plan for this recession, they did not anticipate for home values to decrease. This was not in the plans for anyone. However, the entire country is going through this so the banks have adjusted and realized that short sales vs. foreclosure are going to save them money and actually help communities. Your bank doesn’t want to foreclose on you anymore then you want to be foreclosed on. Banks on average lose 10% – 20% more on a foreclosure VS. a short sale and are beginning to go along with short sales in increasing numbers. Under the new HAFA program (http://makinghomeaffordable.gov/hafa.html) you can receive up to $3000 for short selling your home. This is just one example of what is being done to help homeowners and the banks avoid foreclosure.


Do you owe more than your house is worth?
Are you facing foreclosure?
Are your mortgage payments too high?
Do you want to minimize damage to your credit?
Did you experience a loss of income?
Will your mortgage adjust soon while you can’t afford to pay the skyrocketing rate?
Do you want to sell your house but there isn’t enough equity?
Do you want to avoid or stop foreclosure and get a fresh start?
Feeling the stress mounting with each missed payment and phone calls from your bank?

Anyone who purchased real estate in the last several years or took out equity in their home when the market was at its best more than likely owe the bank more than what they could sell their home for right now or possibly in the next five to ten years. Many people used creative mortgage financing such as short term adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), deferred interest program (option ARM), 100% financing, purchase money mortgages and other financing options that are no longer available to buyers because of the drastic decline in real estate value. If you are one of these people, don’t worry, you are certainly not alone and you do have options for getting out of debt without having to pay it back or foreclosing on your property. Don’t hesitate to call or email me. 203-988-7418 or eric.schuell@remax.net

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