Why Eric Schuell-CT Real Estate Pros and Football are very similar

Third down and ten. The quarterback drops back… the halfback picks up a blitzing linebacker while the wide receiver turns his route into a quick slant… the QB hits him in stride, he gets a great downfield block… Touchdown!!

We see this happen every week in football stadiums across the country. Intensive preparation, precision timing, flawless execution. The pros make it look easy. In those few seconds everything clicks. But did you ever stop to think how many hours, days, and weeks went into preparing for that one play?

It starts in the off-season when players focus on cardio and strength training. Then there’s mini camp where the offensive coordinator diagrams the play and walks them through it. They study film, practice blocking techniques, fine-tune the pass routes. In preseason they try the play live. Then more film, more practice, more reps, until finally in the regular season they read the blitz, execute and score. The pros make it look easy.

In real estate, we ‘score’ for our clients when we find them the perfect home or sell their home quickly for top dollar. But it’s not just a matter of showing them a couple of houses or putting our sign in the ground and a couple of photos in the MLS.

It starts with pre-licensing education, then board and office workshops. We learn how to do CMAs, write contracts, negotiate offers and counter-offers. There are scripts, objection handlers, role plays, office meetings, and certification classes. Marketing, building a web presence, lead generation… and finally, the appointment. That’s just the start.

This is our time to shine. We know the inventory, schools, financing options and builder incentives. Our listing presentation flows from bio to marketing to CMA to contract. And when the offer is accepted, our system meshes seamlessly with the other agent, our broker, mortgage rep, appraiser, inspector, and title rep to get the transaction closed.

Our clients may not realize how complex real estate is because we make it look so simple. They don’t see the hours, days and weeks that go into a successful transaction. Intensive preparation, precision timing, flawless execution. CT Real Estate Pros make it look easy.

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